Terms of use InvitesYou

These terms and conditions of use are drawn up by InvitesYou B.V. (hereinafter referred to as InvitesYou), with its registered office in Leek, The Netherlands and registered with Dutch Chamber of Commerce with number 50886657, and are valid for all services and business solutions of InvitesYou. The user conditions are not only valid for the use of the website of InvitesYou.com and related domain names, but also for access via mobile media and other applications. InvitesYou reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Visitors, Users and Invitees of InvitesYou do not need to be notified. The most up-to-date terms and conditions will be made accessible at all times via the invitesyou.com website. InvitesYou therefore advises users to read the terms and conditions of use with some regularity. By continuing to use InvitesYou services after user conditions have been changed, it is implied that the adapted user conditions are immediately accepted.

  • Article 1 Definitions
  • Article 2 Services of InvitesYou
  • Article 3 User account
  • Article 4 Use of InvitesYou
  • Article 5 Property rights
  • Article 6 Own content
  • Article 7 Availability / termination
  • Article 8 Privacy
  • Article 9 Business customers InvitesYou
  • Article 10 Costs
  • Article 11 Other
  1. Article 1 Definitions

    Persons who visit the invitesyou.com website and subdomains.
    Visitors with an account; persons who (possibly in the name of an organization) send an invitation or those who want to keep track of which events they have visited / invitations they have had.
    Invited guests
    Persons who are invited by users and respond to this.
  2. Article 2 Services of InvitesYou

    InvitesYou offers an online platform where individuals and companies are offered the opportunity to send invitations online. The correctness, quality and legality of the entire contents of invitations and related texts, photos, gifts and such is the full responsibility of the user. InvitesYou has no control over this and does not guarantee under any circumstances with regard to texts, files, images and other data made available by users themselves.

  3. Article 3 User account (profile)

    1. A profile is necessary for managing an invitation. This profile is automatically created after a user has created and sent an invitation. Then register yourself in advance. To the specified unique e-mail address, an e-mail is automatically sent after registration. You can set a password yourself via the link in this email. This can be changed by the user himself. InvitesYou reserves the right to refuse users an account at their own discretion.
    2. By using services and products from InvitesYou, users guarantee that the information provided to InvitesYou is complete, truthful and accurate. See our privacy policy for this.
    3. It is not permitted to register an account under a different name, unless this person has given permission for this.
    4. Confidentiality of log-in data is the responsibility of the user himself. Users are personally liable for everything that happens to third parties with their account, with or without permission.
    5. Per natural person it is only allowed to create 1 profile. Creating accounts among other e-mail addresses is not permitted.
  4. Article 4 Use of InvitesYou

    1. By visiting it’s websites and using InvitesYou services or apps, you are are obliged to comply with these terms and conditions.
    2. In addition to the user conditions, the following applies:
      1. Not to contain any form of viruses or spam that may damage, render unusable or inaccessible, erase or appropriate or that are intended to circumvent any InvitesYou system.
      2. Not infringing the rights of InvitesYou or third parties, including copyrights, neighboring rights, trademark rights or other intellectual property rights or rights relating to the protection of privacy.
      3. Do not conflict with any law, regulation, regulation or other applicable regulations.
      4. Not based on falsehoods and / or misleading.
      5. Not being commercial in nature without having permission from InvitesYou.
      6. Not to be unlawful with regard to InvitesYou or a third party.
      7. Under no circumstances are hateful, discriminating, harassing, pornographic or threatening.
    3. InvitesYou will make every effort to deliver sent e-mails, text messages or other (digital) messages sent by or via invitesyou.com to the recipient on time. However, InvitesYou can not be held responsible in any way for not receiving one or more messages. Also InvitesYou can not be held liable if messages end up in the junk mail folder. This has to do with everyone's personal email settings from the relevant mail provider.
    4. InvitesYou is in no way responsible for the operation of links with external parties.
    5. Statistics, among other things, and not restrictive to reactions with regard to the presence of invitees during parties, are compiled with the utmost care. However, InvitesYou can not be held liable in any way whatsoever when the statistics are not correct. We would appreciate it if you mention this by sending an e-mail to support@invitesyou.com.
  5. Article 5 Property rights

    1. Users commit to and act in accordance with all property rights of InvitesYou, including copyrights, trademark rights, database rights, neighboring rights, patents and all other proprietary rights. The rights to the existing images lie with the designers concerned.
    2. Users hereby declare that they will not take any actions that infringe the (intellectual property) rights of InvitesYou or third parties. In addition, users declare that any unauthorized use of proprietary work infringes these terms of use.
    3. Removing, making invisible, hiding and changing notifications, and statements regarding intellectual property rights is not permitted.
    4. Persons or parties who believe that users infringe their property rights can send a clear explanation to support@invitesyou.com.
  6. Article 6 User content

    1. Every user of InvitesYou has the possibility to upload images and links to videos and to use them for the invitation. InvitesYou is in no way liable for images and audio clips that are uploaded by users of InvitesYou for the invitation. The images that InvitesYou makes available are the property of the designer in question and can be used without any risk as an invitation on Invitesyou.com.
    2. InvitesYou can not be held liable in any way whatsoever for any action by third parties that is in conflict with these terms of use or for any other unlawful act of third parties with regard to the files or data made available by the visitor, user or attendee.
    3. Visitors, users and invitees hereby declare that InvitesYou is in no way obliged to make any payment of any kind whatsoever to anyone, including to persons and parties whose execution or concepts are contained in files and data that users make available. ask. This includes producers, publishers, and other makers, including collective rights organizations.
  7. Article 7 Availability / termination

    1. InvitesYou is entitled at all times to restrict, suspend or disable activities of users, temporarily and definitively. Accounts may also be deleted, temporarily or otherwise. This also applies to associated files, data or other forms of data. InvitesYou is also entitled to warn users about this. In connection with backups, it may happen that deleted content can only be removed from the backups within a reasonable period of time.
    2. With the termination of paid services, for whatever reason, customers are not entitled to amounts already paid in advance. In such cases, the amounts already paid to InvitesYou will expire.
    3. InvitesYou does not guarantee that the services and products are accessible at all times and without interruptions and disruptions.
    4. Accounts can be terminated by the profile holder himself at any time. This can be done by sending a request to support@invitesyou.com. InvitesYou reserves the right to use (profile) details of invitations to verify the correct profile holder before deleting a profile.
    5. If InvitesYou is forced to delete an account, other than at the request of the user himself, the relevant user is not allowed to create an account again. In exceptional cases InvitesYou gives permission in writing to create a new account.
  8. Article 8 Privacy

    1. For this, see the privacy policy of InvitesYou.
  9. Article 9 Business customers of InvitesYou

    For commercial customers of InvitesYou in particular also applies:
    1. With regard to payments:
      1. Offers and quotations made by InvitesYou are without obligation and are not binding under any circumstances. All issued offers have a validity of 30 (thirty) working days.
      2. InvitesYou is entitled to demand a prepayment, and can determine the amount of the prepayment, up to a maximum of the total invoice amount. By default, 60% is at the start of the project. After delivery of the end product, the customer must have paid the full invoice amount to InvitesYou within 14 (fourteen) days. If the customer has not complied with this, InvitesYou is entitled to charge a maximum of 2 (two) times the invoice amount, plus any collection costs.
    2. With regard to liability:
      1. InvitesYou are not liable for direct or indirect damage, arising from or caused by defects in delivered products and services, or incorrect or late delivery of products and services to the customer. Any liability for loss of profits (business interruption, loss of income and the like), loss of data or reduction, and / or consequential damage, for whatever reason, including delay in the delivery of products and services, is expressly excluded.
      2. InvitesYou can under no circumstances be held liable for rights arising from uploaded data, files and materials by the customers of the business user.
    3. With regard to intellectual properties:
      1. At the purchase of business packages, the copyrights remain in the hands of InvitesYou. This means that users are not allowed to make any changes to the product delivered under license without written permission from InvitesYou.
      2. By means of a deed of transfer InvitesYou can transfer copyrights to a buyer. For this InvitesYou may charge an amount to be determined to the customer.
      3. Buyers may not resell, distribute or offer business services from Invitesyou.com under a sub-license without InvitesYou requesting written permission.
    4. With regard to delivery:
      1. The time of delivery is when according to InvitesYou all technical requirements of the Agreement are met. Upon delivery, the end product will be checked jointly by InvitesYou and the buyer for any defects or desired changes. These are, if approved by InvitesYou, and if possible, adjusted within 7 (seven) days after delivery.
      2. In some cases, a customer must supply information to InvitesYou. An external date will be set out in the agreement about this. If on this date the customer has not provided sufficient information to InvitesYou, InvitesYou is entitled to change the delivery date of the end product and any products between them.
      3. An agreement between InvitesYou and a third party is only binding when article 9.5.1 and 9.5.2 are met. InvitesYou has the right to refuse the conclusion of an agreement without giving any reason. There is an agreement when:
        1. Explicitly stated that it concerns an agreement.
        2. The agreement is signed by (a representative of) InvitesYou and (a representative of) the customer.
    5. With regard to use:
      1. In the event of improper behavior, for example and not restrictive to the use of pornographic or hateful messages from customers, InvitesYou is entitled to terminate the agreement without InvitesYou owing any money to the customer. The contract and costs stop on the date of termination.
      2. Customers are responsible for a privacy policy in which they make clear to their users how their privacy is handled.
      3. Customers are themselves responsible for first line support with regard to their purchased product or service.
      4. Customers are obliged to provide contact details if questions arise regarding their product or service. They should be easily accessible for users.
      5. If users of the product or service specify a date of birth, InvitesYou may inform the group of their free service by e-mail once a month before their birthday.
      6. Users of the product or service remain only 'customers' of the customer, unless these users also visit invitesyou.com, use it or are invited by someone via invitesyou.com.
      7. InvitesYou is entitled to release analyzes on the purchased product or service.
  10. Article 10 Costs

    1. For use is the sending of invitations and management is there until and on the website communicates number of invitees no costs charged. If there are more than this number of invitees, an amount will be charged for this. If new services from InvitesYou are added in the future for which payment will be made, or if there are changes to current services, InvitesYou will make this known.
    2. For companies:
      1. Certain organizations may use the services at a reduced rate. This concerns, for example, certain associations, foundations and other charitable institutions. A written agreement from InvitesYou is required for this. A statement can be requested by requesting this via support@invitesyou.com.
      2. Business subscriptions take effect when the payment is received and have a validity period of 1 (one) year, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Subscriptions are renewed tacitly and can be terminated in writing after the first year per month.
      3. The prices stated on the website can be changed without prior notice. Only the price stated on the website at the time the agreement is concluded is binding.
      4. At the moment an amount due is not received (in time) by InvitesYou, InvitesYou is entitled to suspend the paid service until the amount due has been received by InvitesYou.
    3. All prices are in euros and include VAT.
    4. All printing and typing errors regarding the prices and offers on the website are reserved.
  11. Article 11 Other

    1. Dutch law applies to these user conditions
    2. Disputes will in the first instance be settled exclusively by the court in Groningen.
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